Space Brains Sci-Fi Film Festival

June 17th 2023 in Mandurah, Western Australia


Tickets for 2023

Workshops Only

At Wotso Mandurah

Screening Only

At Reading Cinema Mandurah

Whole Day

Wotso and Reading Cinema

2022 Highlights

On June 18, 2022 the inaugural Space Brains Film Festival was held.

About The Festival

The Space Brains Sci-Fi Film Festival is the only dedicated science fiction film festival in Western Australia and finds its home in sunny Mandurah, just south of Perth. Mandurah is known for its beaches, dolphins, crabs and now, science fiction.


The Space Brains Sci-Fi Film Festival is a competition for independent science fiction filmmakers to highlight their films and talents. The festival draws particular focus on the work of regional Western Australian filmmakers to help give them a platform to speak about their projects. As a part of the Space Brains SciFi Film Festival, we present a series of filmmaker panel discussions, science related community activities and celebrate the best science fiction films with a screening and awards gala.

Space Brains Productions - Partnership

Latest News

Space Brains Film Festival Presenters 2023

Luke Sparke Keynote and Workshops 2023

Independent Sci-Fi writer / director Luke Sparke (Occupation, Occupation: Rainfall) has been announced as the keynote presenter at Space Brains Film Festival 2023.

At the 2nd Space Brains Science Fiction Film Festival, the director of Netflix and Cinema released sci-fi film series, Occupation and Occupation:Rainfall, Luke Sparke will present a keynote speech.

The Space Brains Science Fiction Film Festival, with a gala awards event held in Mandurah WA on June 17th, has secured the talented Queensland writer/director Luke Sparke fresh from wrapping up work on his latest film, Bring Him To Me starring Sam Neill and Rachael Griffiths. Mr Sparke will present a half hour presentation drawing on his experience writing, directing and raising his own capital.

“Space Brains Productions continues to back the creative arts in Mandurah by securing the incredible talent of an Australian director on his upward career trajectory. This is a great chance for us to be inspired.”

Mark Regan, filmmaker and partner in Space Brains Productions

With tickets available for sale from, the film festival will showcase both local and international science fiction films while providing access to esteemed filmmakers and other creatives.

Film Festival and Workshop details:

  • Tickets starting at $25.00 available from
  • Date: Saturday, June 17th 2022. Workshops from 9:30am, red carpet and awards screening from 3:00pm
  • Location:
    • Workshops at Wotso Mandurah, 22 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah.
    • Red Carpet and Screening at Reading Cinemas Mandurah, 7 James Place, Mandurah.
  • Workshop program: Practical Podcasting and Hand-on Writing.

“Science fiction is not just exciting but it also helps society pave its way from now into the future. By having amazing local creatives pass on their knowledge, we can ensure WA and Mandurah have a place in that future.”

Surrey Hughes, partner in Space Brains Productions

Space Brains Productions is a partnership based in Mandurah, Western Australia that started in 2019. They produce a science fiction movie discussion podcast, Space Brains, write books, screenplays and produce the Space Brains Sci-fi Film Festival.