Space Brains Productions Loves Science Fiction.

Science fiction brought the brains together to first form the Space Brains Podcast, now the Space Brains are producing a film festival. Located in the idyllic seaside town of Mandurah, Space Brains are a couple of film loving creators who love writing books and making films.

Supporting and growing the creative community in Mandurah and Western Australia, promoting the film arts and showcasing Mandurah as an event destination are what the Space Brains are about.

About The Festival

The Space Brains Sci-Fi Film Festival is the only dedicated science fiction film festival in Western Australia and finds its home in sunny Mandurah, just south of Perth. Mandurah is known for its beaches, dolphins, crabs and now, science fiction.


The Space Brains Sci-Fi Film Festival is a competition for independent science fiction filmmakers to highlight their films and talents. The festival draws particular focus on the work of regional Western Australian filmmakers to help give them a platform to speak about their projects. As a part of the Space Brains SciFi Film Festival, we present a series of filmmaker panel discussions, science related community activities and celebrate the best science fiction films with a screening and awards gala.

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